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Unleash the power of your data by making it trustworthy

Resolve data quality issues before they impact processes

Take data-driven decisions based on data you can trust

Be prepared for the age of AI

What we do

Neomir enables you to rely on your data by making it easy to improve and maintain its quality sustainably.


Most companies still suffer from poor data quality. This leads to processes being inefficient & prone to errors - and to data-driven decisions being questionable.

(...and let's not even talk about training AI on low-quality data)

Our Solution

Neomir pioneers Data Quality Management: Our Platform combines a previously unseen approach to DQ ownership and new technical DQ improvement capabilities.

Root Cause

Business users know what their data should look like, but they lack the capabilities to ensure data quality at scale.

Your IT might have those capabilities, but they lack the understanding what the business data should look like.

Your Benefit

  1. More reliable operations of business processes

  2. Increased trust in data-driven decisions

  3. Elevated readiness for artificial intelligence

Our Service Offering

Neomir DQ Platform

One platform for all data quality operations: Optimized for scalabilty,  security and user experience.

DQ Services

Pioneering a new way in DQ management, new ownership and smarter operations will be supported with SPOT or GOVERNED consulting services from Neomir. Also we can enable Do-it-yourself DQ operations.

Experience our Platform

Sounds too good to be true? You can directly test Neomir in our playground and check it out yourself - or you can ask for a guided demo.

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